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Cultural Encounters: The Ecology of Arts and Culture
Online Series
November 27-29, December 4-6, December 11-13

Our digital Cultural Encounters online series that we organize under the Spaces of Culture Program is starting on 27th November! Under the scope of ‘’The Ecology of Arts and Culture’’, participants from Izmir, Gaziantep, and Diyarbakır and invited professionals will explore the changing climate of the cultural scene across Turkey. Cultural Encounters also invites enthusiasts to its public sessions.

Follow the link to register for public sessions!

Here is the program.

︎A Corner In The World presents / 26.07.2020

21 interviews with artists around the world

A Corner in the World presents Conversations, an interview project with artists and art workers from different corners in the world about their individual processes during the pandemic outbreak, about their works and future perspectives.

Conversations intends to chronicle the various states, perspectives and processes that we go through in different locations around the world. Each conversation took place in the form of exchanged letters -in this case emails- between our co-artistic director Fatih Gençkal and each artist over a period of weeks, sometimes months. Each conversation begins with the same question and then carries on to where it wants to go.

The conversations will be published at
one at a time every Sunday starting this week.

Conversations is realized with the support of The Consulate General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.


︎A Corner in the World Performing Arts Festival 2015 book is out!
Please go to festival page 2015 to download.

︎ Project'06 - Performans Sanatı Üzerine Konuşmalar
20 Mayıs Çarşamba 14.00  Istanbul Bilgi Üniversitesi RGB Live
Moderators: Serhan Ada
Speakers: Iraz Yöntem, Simge Burhanoğlu, Burcu Yılmaz, Zeynep Uğur, Azra İşmen ve Şule Ateş

︎ #SalondanYayın: Korona Döneminde Tiyatro ve Seyircisi
19 Mayıs Salı 21.00 Şehir Tiyatroları YouTube kanalı
Moderators: Emre Koyuncuoğlu
Speakers: Fatih Gençkal, Ayşe Draz, Zeynep Uzun

︎ Daire Online: Karantina, a Neighbourhood in Izmir
19 Mayıs Salı 16.00 K2 Güncel Sanat Merkezi YouTube kanalı
Moderators: Şafak Ersözlü
Speakers: Tomislav Brajnovic, Ayçe Su Duran, Cansu Pelin İşbilen, Fatih Gençkal, Sarp Keskiner, Serenay Oğuz

︎A Corner in the World 29’59’’ to take place on the 31th of May at Kundura Sahne is CANCELLED due to the restrictions against Covid-19.

 ︎‘bir şey’, created and performed by Ekin Tunçeli,  planned to be performed in Transit FesZt in Romania on the 20th of April was CANCELLED due to the precautions against Covid-19.